Aquarium Heating

Aquarium Heater
Aquarium Heater.


There are basically two types of heaters, submersible and nonsubmersible types.

The submersible types have a watertight glass tube which contains an electrical element that is wound around a ceramic core. A small light on the heater helps to indicate whether the heater is on or off.

Non-submersible heaters hang on the side of the tank with only the heating element encased in glass submerged beneath the water. These heaters often do not have a built in thermometer.

It is not necessary to have a heater in a coldwater goldfish aquarium, but it generally it is best to have one handy in case it is needed. Goldfish are more active at temperatures around 72' F. If you live in a climate where temperatures can fluctuate wildly, then a heater is recommended because rapid changes in water temperatures can be stressful to the goldfish.



There are basically three types of thermometers. These include the stick on thermometer, glass thermometer and digital thermometer. Thermometer should be placed in a location where it can be easily seen and read.


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