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Celestial Goldfish

celestial goldfish

Quick Statistics - Celestial Goldfish
Temperament: Community
Family: Cyprinidae
Native To: Asia
Diet: Omnivore - can be fed live food and commercial food (such as flakes)
Adult Size: 5 - 6 "
Temperature: 65° - 78°F
Care Level: Medium (not recommended for beginners due to their poor eyesight)
Scientific Name: Carassius auratus
Environment: Freshwater

The celestial goldfish variety resulted from a mutation of the telescope goldfish around the 18th century. They are most noted for having a pair of eyes that gaze upwards. Very young celestials have normal eyes but as they age and grow, the eyes begin to gradually protrude and turn upwards.

Celestials are small when compared to other goldfish varieties. They have a torpedo-shaped body with a curved back, which lacks a dorsal fin. They generally grow to a length of about 5-6 inches.

Celestials are available in different colors including white , red, and many colors in between. The scales can be either nacreous or metallic in appearance. It is rare to find celestials with nacreous scales.

Variants of the celestial goldfish include the Deme-ranchu and the Toadhead or Hama-tou.


celestial goldfish


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