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Choosing an Aquarium

There are many different types of aquarium tanks available. These can include glass tanks, plastic tanks, or acrylic tanks.

Plastic tanks in general should be avoided, because they do not provide the necessary surface area and space required to keep a successful aquarium. These tanks scratch easily and usually only come in sizes ranging from 1 - 5 gallons.

Acrylic tanks are becoming very popular, because they are lightweight and strong. A drawback of acrylic tanks is that they scratch more easily than glass tanks. Acrylic tanks are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes , including convex and bubble. These tanks often cost a little more than those made of plastic or glass.

Glass tanks are still extremely popular, because they do not distort the shapes of the fish. They are relatively cheap when compared to acrylic tanks, but they also weigh a lot more. It is also difficult to drill holes in the glass for filter parts, something that is easily done with acrylic tanks. Large glass aquariums are extremely heavy because glass used in the constructiion gets thicker as the tank size gets large in order to combat problems relating to water pressure.





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