Disease Charts
white spot disease

Freshwater fishes are susceptible to all kinds of pathogenic organisms. These organisms include viruses, bacterias and parasites. Many of these are introduced when new fish and plants are added to an existing tank. Treating the illnesses that often result of the infection of these pathogenic organisms is tricky, so it is important that new fish owners use commercially available remedies instead home made ones.




Fish Lice Round, disk-shaped, transparent crustanceans that clamp onto host and refuse to let go. Often goldfish will rub itself against objects in an attempt to remove the parasites Dylox, Dipterex, Masoten or Nequvon.
Fin rot and Tail rot Fins have missing parts; evntually become shredded. Fins can become inflamed and may be slowly eaten away. There are many commerical remedies available to treat this disease. A rare treatment involves using 8 crystals of potassium permanganate to 3 quarts of water. Then the infected areas of the fin or tail are cut off and the wound is dabbed with Mercurochrome or methylene blue.





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