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There are many recipes available for making your own goldfish food. This is just one variation you can try.

Some ingredients you will need:

- 6 oz can of shrimp (this item can be substituted with canned sardines or beef heart, pellet feed or flakes)

- 2 ounces of frozen spinach (this item can be substituted with baby food, peas or spinach, or chopped kale)

- 1 ounce of grated carrots (can be substituted with spirulina)

- 3 tablespoon of Brewer's yeast (can be substituted with wheat germ or wheat gluten)

- 1 tablespoon of liquid vitamins ( can be replaced with 1/2 tablet of a multivitamin supplement)

- 5 mL cod liver oil (can also supplement with Vitamine E(15 IU) as antioxidant

- 2 oz of unflavored powdered gelatin (a good one to use is Knox Unflavored gelatin, which is a pure gelatin with nothing else added) to help keep all the ingredients together

- 15 oz of water


Mixing all the ingredients together:

1: Blend 5 oz of water with the brewer's yeast, vitamins, baby cereal, spinach, carrots, and shrimp in a blender.

2: Boil remaining 10 oz of water.

3: Add boiling water to gelatin in a bowl.

4: Cool the gelatin mixture until warm (not cold).

5: Next add the contents from the blender (from step 1) to the partially cooled gelatin mixture and mix the ingredients thoroughly.

6: If needed, add medication to the cooled mixture.

7: Pour the mixture into an ice tray or flat pan and refrigerate.

8: Cut the gelatinized mixture into cubes for feeding and store unused portions in the freezer.


home made goldfish food



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