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Interesting Facts About Goldfish



arrow Goldfish are unusual in that they lack a stomach at the start of the digestive tract where food can be stored, so they need to eat small quantities of food on a frequent basis. Offering them a large amount of food just once a day will therefore be wasteful, and will also lead to a deterioration in water quality as the unwanted food breaks down and pollutes the water. Instead , give them a small amount of food four or five times a day, which will meet their appetite.


arrow According to the UK BBC news, the world's oldest goldfish was a comet by the name of Tish. Having achieved fame late in life , he died at the age of 43 peacefully in his bowl. He was won as a prize by a 7 year old named Peter Hand at a funfair in Yorkshire, England in 1956. Tish was later taken care of by his parents, Hilda and Gordon Hand, who considered Tish a part of the family. "We couldn't replace Tish, he was part of the family. People always used to ask how Tish was doing", Mrs. Hilda Hand was quoted as saying. Tish faded to a silver grey later in his old age and was officially recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as the world's oldest captive goldfish. Tish took over the title of longest living captive goldfish from Worthing, another goldfish who died in 1980 at the age of 41. Although Tish's true age could not be verified by biological tests, the Guinness Book of Records investigators found nothing fishy about the claims and awarded the title to Tish.

Tish the goldfish

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