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Nets are available in a variety of sizes and desgins. Smaller nets are generally used for catching fry and little fish. The fine webbing in these nets is soft and similar in structure to cheesecloth . Small nets are also handy for scooping out uneaten food and suspended debris from the aquarium water.

Larger nets are usually used for capturing fish. Using two large nets to capture a goldfish is much easier than trying to do the job with only one. The pet can be coaxed into the ceter of one net by gently nudging it with the other.


Scrapers are a great tools that can be used to remove unwated algae from the aquarium glass. Most scrapers come with a two-sided head. ONe side has a soft sponge for wiping away loose algae. The other side of the scraper contains a tough scrub pad for removing encrusted algae and lime deposits. Most scrapers are made of plastic and have a long handle for reaching difficult spots in the aquarium . The other end of this tool looks like a small fork and is great for turning over gravel and planting.

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