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Koi Care

Koi and goldfish are often kept in an outside pond. The pond should be a large and deep enough so that water temperature doesn't fluctuate too rapidly with changes in the weather. Some important things to check are :

  • your pond doesn't heat up too much in the hot summer weather
  • your pond won't freeze over completely during the winter months
  • overgrown and rotten plants are removed on a regularly basis
  • pond should contain shady areas, which can be provided by aquatic plants such as water-lilies
  • pond should have areas that are shallow and deep

Water and Food for Koi

Koi should be fed about two or three times per day. Other things that should be considered:

  • becareful not to overfeed your koi and goldfish. Only provide them what they can consume in several minutes.
  • provide your koi and goldfish with special food designed for them, not food provided for other fish species
  • try to vary their diet
  • feed your fish every day when the weather is warm. Feeding frequency should be reduced during cooler months for koi that are kept in the pond.


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