Pom-Pon Goldfish

pom-pon goldfish

Quick Statistics - Pompon Goldfish
Temperament: Community
Family: Cyprinidae
Native To: Asia
Diet: Omnivore
Adult Size: Approximately 5"
Temperature: 65° - 78°F
Care Level: Medium
Scientific Name: Carassius auratus
Environment: Freshwater

Pompons have scales that are either nacreous or metallic and and color combinations of black, orange, red, silver , white, and blue. The body of the pompon is short like the lionhead, but it also has an enlarged nasal septum with flaps that sway back and forth as the pompon swims. These flaps on the pompon, much like the wen of the oranda goldfish, are susceptible to fungus and bacterial infections.

This goldfish variety can live approximately six to ten years and grow to a length of five inches.



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