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Three Spined Stickleback

three spined stickedback

Quick Statistics-ThreeSpined Stickleback
Temperament: Community
Family: Gasterosteidae
Diet: Crustaceans and fish larvae
Care Level: Medium
Scientific Name: Gasterosteus aculeatus
Environment: Freshwater

Sticklebacks belong to the family of fish called Gasterosteidae. There are currently around 16 different species of sticklebacks in this family.

Sticklebacks are unique in that they totally lack any scales on their bodies, although some species of stickbacks in this family possess bony armour platings.

They are found freshwater in different temperate regions throughout North America, Asia , and Europe. Their diet mainly consists of small fish larvae and some crustacenas.

The three-spined sticklebacks are common in Alaska, Japan, and United Kingdom, where they are called "tiddlers". In Ireland these stickbacks are known by the name "pinkeens" because of the reddish color displayed by the male throughout the breeding season.

During the breeding season, the male stickback constructs the nest using plant matters that are glued together by excretions from its kidneys. The male then lures the female to the nest where she can lay over 40 eggs, which are guarded by the male stickleback until the eggs hatch.

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